Athlete personal stories
(one minute videos)

Photo credit: Ahmedabad Ultimate 2007

My 1-min #Fempowered sports story

Individual athletes are encouraged to make a 60-90 second personal sports story video. Simplified process to create this film: scripting and filming.

  • This film will be a first-person narrative [local language OK]
  • Write a 1-min script for your personal sports story with no more than 5 scenes/shots
  • Make a detailed plan to film your 5 scenes/shots and shoot them in sequence (See example here)
  • This video can be filmed entirely on a mobile phone. Ask a friend to film it for you.
  • Set your filming resolution at 1080 and 30 fps

Please film in landscape orientation (“horizontal video”)

Sports documentaries
(3-5 minute videos)

Photo credit: Ahmedabad Ultimate 2007

#Fempowered mini-sports documentaries

Calling all filmmakers – students, amateurs, established and all else in between – to submit mini-documentaries (3 mins to 5 mins in duration) on one or more of these themes featuring women in sports (multiple submissions allowed) [Local language OK]:

  • Sharing Life Lessons Learned in Sports
  • Highlighting Traditional Desi Sports/Games
  • Celebrating Sports Enablers; Moms, Mentors, Coaches
  • Capturing Memorable Sports Moments