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Fempowered Sport Resource Guide

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Overview: This call-to-action resource guide (“resource guide”) is a collection of resources collated from various sports-for-development organizations in India. This resource guide highlights sports curriculums, impact stories, sports activities, education and life skills tools, and community impacts. The Fempowered Films team at the Embassy of India Student Hub is grateful to the listed organizations for the honor/permission to amplify these amazing resources to advance the sports revolution for the women of India.

Intended audience and format: This document is intended for parents/families, sports and non-sports organizations, and for those interested in cross-cultural exchange and in India’s development. The information is accessible on this website and via a downloadable PDF.

The contents include the following:
1. Promoting the Power of Play (Project Khel)
2. Education & Life Skills (Dream a Dream)
3. Empowering Indian Women & the Ripple Effect (Naandi, GNW, and YUWA)
4. Additional Highlighted Resources (All above + Slum Soccer)

Global evidence reveals that participation in sport has the potential to prevent disease, increase school attendance, improve learning levels, foster gender equity, enhance inclusion of persons with disabilities, and build skills that promote employment and economic development.

DASRA Power of Play 2014

Sports includes all forms of physical activity that contribute to physical fitness, mental well-being, and social interaction such as play; recreation; organized or competitive sport, indigenous sport or games.

DASRA Power of Play 2014

Promoting the Power of Play

Organization: Project Khel

Resources to Highlight:

Listen to The Power of Play Tedx Talk by Project Khel and how sports promotes holistics child development!

Want to Learn more? Check out blogs by Project Khel to learn about how they are promoting play culture for girls and boys.

Education and Life Skills

Organizations: Dream a Dream

Resources to Highlight:

Enjoy Dream a Dream’s creative fitness exercises and creative activities to engage youth during COVID in their Home Activity Kit.
Dream a Dream Home Activity Kit

Check out Dream a Dream’s Life Skills Assessment Scale used by various schools and education organizations to assess current strengths and development needs.
Life Skills Assessment Scale

Learn how Dream a Dream is empowering youth to overcome adversity in order to thrive and flourish through education and life skills development!
Watch the video here.

Empowering Indian Women and Girls

Organization: Naandi

Resources to Highlight:

Watch how young girls across India found the joy of sports even during the pandemic.

Organization: Global Nomad’s World

Organization: Yuwa

The Yuwa Effect

Launching a Positive Ripple Effect:

Additional Highlighted Resources

Want to find out more about sports for development organizations supporting Indian women and girls in sports?

Check out these resources below.

Read how Slum Soccer encourages girls to play and shows families the benefits of Participating in sports

Learn more about Sports for Development with Magic Bus

Find out more about how how sports provides girls with the freedom of expression, leadership skills and sense of belonging in DASRA’s Power of Play: Sport for Development in India

Click below to learn about the three main objectives when developing a sports curriculum. Global Nomad’s World (GNW) is developing a sports curriculum for 150,000 underprivileged girls in India aged 6 – 15 years old. This incredible project, supported and managed by The Naandi Foundation, is based on introducing sports to girls.